I had just finished my first two weight circuits and was moving on to the final phase of my workout, which required the use of a pull-up bar. Now, because there’s only one real pull-up bar that is, a bar that’s not attached to a cable machine in the entire gym, I can usually expect to wait a few minutes for it to be freed up. What I didn’t expect, however, was a half-hour delay in my workout. Which is exactly what happened. The guy in front of me had obviously just begun his pull ups.
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Denise Richards – Leaving the gym after a workout, LA, June 20

Despite a gym floor bulging with weight-lifting equipment, fitness experts said the only thing people need to push, pull and lift is the weight of their own body. “If more people knew you could get a good physique using your body as a bar bell, they could take matters into their own hands,” said Bret Contreras, author of “Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy,” a guide to bodyweight-only workouts aimed at everyone from the exercise-challenged to the personal trainer. Known as “the Glute Guy,” Arizona-based Contreras has been resistance training for 21 years. But in high school, he couldn’t do a push-up.
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The Great Outdoor Gym Company say the residents using the fitness center — located in a park in Hull, northwest England — have so far generated 40,000 watt-hours (40 kilowatts) of power. “We want to get people off their [sofas] and get a bit active … more and more people are getting obese, also diabetes, heart disease, not just in Hull, but in the country,” says Hull councilor, Terry Geraghty. The prototype cost $100,000 to install and has attracted the interest of local authorities around the world, says the company. “I think it’s an excellent way to educate people about the concept of sustainability changing people’s behavior without putting the ’s’ word in your face,” says Ling Ge, a research scientist at the UK’s Imperial College London.
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Denise has always been the epitome of a fantastic physique, and you can bet she works really hard at the gym to keep that figure. Denise is the host of an upcoming TV about people physically contacting their dead relatives. She claims her own mother used to be friends with a psychic, and that she still keeps in touch with her mother through him. The show is called Cross Country, and in it, Denise and psychic John Edward will travel all across America trying to help people talk to their deceased loved ones. Click to see full size
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“Bodyweight training is great for mobility, stability and creating movement patterns,” she said. “You want to build a strong foundation, be stable more information around the shoulders, hips and spine.” Because the load doesn’t change, progression is achieved by changing the center of gravity of the exerciser or the complexity of the movement. Another challenge, she said, is getting enough pull to match the push of most bodyweight exercises. “Bodyweight training can make everything else better,” she said.
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